Tuesday Oct 15, 2013

1:00 PM  Immunity for Art Works on International Loan: Immunity from Seizure or Immunity from Jurisdiction?   Coronation Suite Moderator: Patty Gerstenblith
Program Chair: Patty Gerstenblith
Speakers: Gregor Kleinknecht, Stephen J. Knerly, Jr., Howard Spiegler, Nout van Woudenberg
1:00 PM  The Other Merger: Statutory Mergers and Structuring Opportunities within the EU and Across its Borders   Crystal Palace
1:00 PM  You’re Not in Kansas Anymore: European Corporate Counsel Perspectives on Conflict Management   Harvest Suite
2:30 PM  Human Rights and Environmental Protection: From Tentative Embrace to Powerful Partnership   Crystal Palace
2:30 PM  REIT’s for Cross Border Investment in Real Estate: is it their time?   Coronation Suite
2:30 PM  Welcome to London! Options for foreign lawyers and law firms in the UK and Europe   Harvest Suite
4:30 PM  International Litigation Strategy: Tactics for Today   Harvest Suite
4:30 PM  Legal Management JEOPARDY: Managing Law Firm Relationships To Avoid Unintended Consequences   Crystal Palace
4:30 PM  Magna Carta: The Fountain of Freedom and Democracy   Coronation Suite
6:30 PM  Special Welcome Reception at the House of Lords   House of Lords 
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Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

8:00 AM  Developing Effective Client Relationships   Ball Room 3
8:00 AM  Fostering Rule of Law and Intellectual Property from the Ground Up - Fair Trade Music   Harvest Suite
9:00 AM  OPENING CEREMONY: Justice and the Rule of Law: Where Have We Come From and Where Are We Going?   Ball Room 2
9:00 AM  OPENING CEREMONY: Welcome Remarks   Ball Room 2
11:00 AM  CANCELLED: The U.S. UK Extradition Treaty 2003: Balanced or Imbalanced?   Harvest Suite
11:00 AM  Doing a Cross Border Deal: Ethics and the M&A Lawyer   Ball Room 3
11:00 AM  Fighting Corruption in International Infrastructure   Crystal Palace
11:00 AM  It’s Cold Outside: Asset Freezing Orders, Mareva Injunctions and the New U.S. Uniform Law   Ball Room 2
11:00 AM  Non-CLE Program The US Budget Crisis: What has it done for America? What has it done for the World?   Harvest Suite
11:00 AM  North Korean Concentration Camps Exposed: The Response of the International Community   Serpentine
11:00 AM  Where Did All the Women Go? The Discrepancy Between Gender Neutral Hiring and the Lack of Female Leadership in International Law Firms   Coronation Suite
12:45 PM  Luncheon with The Right Honourable Sir John Thomas   Grand Ballroom 1
2:30 PM  Anti-Corruption Compliance and Local Law: What To Do When Local Law Prevents You From Complying with the FCPA   Ball Room 2
2:30 PM  Employee Participation on European Level: Unfamiliar Beast or Model for International Corporations?   Ball Room 3
2:30 PM  From Legal Education to Legal Solutions: Preparing for Global Legal Practice   Harvest Suite
2:30 PM  Global Responses to Gender-Based Violence: The Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious!   Serpentine
2:30 PM  P.R.I.M.E.ing the Pump: A Quadrillion Reasons Why the Newest Tribunal on The Hague Block is One for Finance   Coronation Suite
2:30 PM  Transatlantic Defense Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Regulatory and Enforcement Era   Crystal Palace
4:30 PM  A Family Affair: An International View on Governance, Succession and Dispute Resolution in Family Owned Enterprises   Harvest Suite
4:30 PM  Fraud, Comity and the Rule of Law: Balancing Global Concerns with Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil and Common-Law Countries   Ball Room 2
4:30 PM  Making a Difference - Enhancing a Career: The Key Role of Everyday Lawyers In Legal Empowerment of the Poor Projects.   Serpentine
4:30 PM  Opting Into the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: Choice of Law in Non-Convention States   Crystal Palace
4:30 PM  The Costs and Consequences of Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act: How to Prevent Congress’ Fight Against the “Resource Curse” From Becoming a “Disclosure Curse” for U.S. Companies   Coronation Suite
4:30 PM  Whistleblower Claims Under International Law: An Update on Enforcement and Defense   Ball Room 3
6:00 PM  Tours at the Temple Church  
7:00 PM  Opening Reception at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple   Honourable Society of the Middle Temple 
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Thursday Oct 17, 2013

8:00 AM  Around the World in 80 Bars: A Global Review of Bar Admission Requirements for Transnational Practitioners   Ball Room 3
8:00 AM  Quotas for Women on Boards - should women in the profession support the European Commission proposal?   Harvest Suite
9:00 AM  A Look Behind the Curtain: Decision-Making in International Arbitral Tribunals   Ball Room 2
9:00 AM  How Is the UK Bribery Act Doing in Practice?   Ball Room 3
9:00 AM  Repatriation of Stolen Assets: Challenges & Opportunities   Harvest Suite
9:00 AM  Social Media: A Web of Challenges   Serpentine
9:00 AM  Stemming the Tide: How Governments Can Stop Human Trafficking   Coronation
9:00 AM  Trends in International IPOs   Crystal Palace
11:00 AM  Central and Eastern European Roundtable   Serpentine Suite
11:00 AM  Collective Actions in Europe: Go Directly to London?   Ball Room 2
11:00 AM  Rethinking Boilerplate in International Employment Contracts   Crystal Palace
11:00 AM  Shared Parenting: Different Courts' Approaches Across the Globe   Harvest Suite
11:00 AM  The Smartphone Patent Wars: What's New Under The Sun?   Ball Room 3
11:00 AM  Trends in International Regulation of Securities Markets   Coronation Suite
12:45 PM  Luncheon with Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve   Ball Room 1
2:30 PM  Employment Jurisdiction Battles: Posting US Employees to Europe   Harvest Suite
2:30 PM  Global Anti-Corruption and Anti-Cartel Investigations: Risk Management and Crisis Handling   Ball Room 3
2:30 PM  Has Regulation of Securities Offerings Now Diverged Between Europe and the US? Implications for Global Markets.   Crystal Palace
2:30 PM  The General Counsel Roundtable - How to Prepare for and Address the Toughest Challenges of Being (and Becoming) a General Counsel Today   Ball Room 2
2:30 PM  Towards an International Piracy Tribunal   Serpentine
2:30 PM  Where In The World Is Your Evidence? The Challenges of Gathering Electronic Information Worldwide For Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations   Coronation Suite
4:30 PM  If You Build it They Will Come: Building Mediation in Developing Countries   Harvest Suite
4:30 PM  Investing in Emerging Countries: Practical Tips   Crystal Palace
4:30 PM  Letting Slip the Dogs of War: Using Civil and Criminal Remedies to Recover Stolen Assets   Serpentine
4:30 PM  Merger Control in the EU and US vs. China and Brazil: How Do the Newcomers Compare to Established Jurisdictions?   Ball Room 3
4:30 PM  Mobile & Global: A Case Study in What Assignees Need to Know When Undertaking an International Assignment, from an Immigration, Employment, and Family Law Perspective   Coronation Suite
4:30 PM  Private International Law: What's New and What's on the Horizon? The Theberge Award Winners' Panel   Ball Room 2
7:00 PM  Reception at the Tate Britain   Tate Britain 
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Friday Oct 18, 2013

9:00 AM  Addressing Abuses in International Arbitration   Ball Room 2
9:00 AM  Fall Down, Go Splash: The Aftermath of the Demise of an Offshore Hedge (or Other) Fund   Harvest Suite
9:00 AM  Human Rights: A Battleground for Employers and Unions?   Crystal Palace
9:00 AM  M&A Roundtable   Ball Room 3
9:00 AM  Termination with extreme prejudice: How the insolvency of your intellectual property licensor can kill your business   Coronation Suite
9:00 AM  What are the Limits in a Modern Democratic Society on the Freedom of Expression?   Serpentine
11:00 AM  Defamation Tourism and the Art of Oral Advocacy   Crystal Palace
11:00 AM  Diversity & Inclusion Legal Sector Update from the United Kingdom: InterLaw Diversity Forum Career Progression Report   Harvest Suite
11:00 AM  Doing a Cross Border Deal: Due Diligence   Ball Room 2
11:00 AM  Global Trends in the Regulation of Insider Trading & Market Abuse: Europe, US and Asia   Coronation Suite
11:00 AM  Marrying For Money: Negotiating Real Estate Joint Ventures Between Developer/Owners and Investors After the Big Recession   Serpentine
11:00 AM  The Business of Transparency: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Expanding Mandatory Reporting Regime   Ball Room 3
12:45 PM  Luncheon with Sam Rugege, Chief Jusitice and President of the Supreme Court of Rwanda   Grand Ballroom 1
2:30 PM  Alternative Business Structures: Much Ado About Nothing or Falling Skies?   Coronation Suite
2:30 PM  Independence of Arbitrators: Different Approaches to a Universal Standard   Ball Room 2
2:30 PM  IPPs in Africa: Public-Private Partnerships at Work   Serpentine
2:30 PM  It’s Hard to Say Goodbye: The Do’s and Don’ts of Agency and Distributor Terminations in the European Union   Ball Room 3
2:30 PM  Making Space for “Ethics” in the Investigation and Prosecution of International Crimes   Crystal Palace
2:30 PM  The Wave of New Criminal and Regulatory Customs Enforcement Investigations: Current Enforcement Agenda and Outlook for Importers Globally   Harvest Suite
4:30 PM  Commercial Rights and Remedies of Celebrities in the Global Marketplace - Applying 19th Century Principles and 20th Century Laws to a 21st Century Marketing Phenomenon   Harvest Suite
4:30 PM  Current Compliance and Financing Issues and Initiatives in the Private Equity Industry   Crystal Palace
4:30 PM  Developments in Free Trade Agreements Between North America and Europe:  Is a New Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Agreement Within Reach And what impact Would it Have on NAFTA?   Coronation Suite
4:30 PM  Managing Parties' Expectations in International Arbitration   Ball Room 3
4:30 PM  My Favo(u)rite Case: A Trans-Atlantic Conversation with Leading Advocates and Jurists   Ball Room 2
7:00 PM  Chair’s Closing Reception at the London Hilton on Park Lane   London Hilton on Park Lane, Ball Room 1 
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Saturday Oct 19, 2013

8:00 AM  Council Meeting   Coronation Suite
11:00 AM  Young Lawyers Brunch   Connaught Hotel, Carlos Pl, Mayfair London W1K 2AL 
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